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    Enjoy priority access to the Accademia Gallery and skip the winding ticketing queues so you can save your precious time and spend it exploring one of the finest art collections in Europe. Discover some of the most prolific works of art in history, including Michelangelo's masterpiece, the statue of David!

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    • Venture into the 7 different zones of the Gallery that hold some of the most important works of art in Italian art history.
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    • Enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing one of the most iconic sculptures of all time, Michelangelo's David, depicting the biblical character before his battle with Goliath.


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    Wander past the artistic wonders held at the Accademia Gallery and learn about their provenance, history and how they affected the art world during their era with the help of a knowledgeable guide who will share insights as well as help you navigate your way into the museum using your Skip The Line access!

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    • Venture into the 7 different zones (listed below) of the gallery.


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    • Walk into any of the 7 zones of the gallery, spread over two floors.
    • Witness sculptures and classics that have withstood the test of time.


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How to get

Accademia Gallery history

The Gallery of the Florentine Academy was founded by Cosme I in 1562-1563 (dates vary according to the sources consulted). Today it is one of the most famous museums in Florence. Inside you can admire works of art as famous as David, by Michelangelo.

Its construction is due to Cosme I, Duke of the Florentine Republic. According to Vasari himself, in the wardrobe that the duke had in the palace of the Lordship, where he lived, you could see numerous works of art that the Medici themselves had recovered in 1512, as a Virgin, from Pontormo (today in the Gallery Uffizi), or a David, by Michelangelo, which was unfinished (and is currently preserved in the National Museum of Florence). This information would be supported by the data of an inventory, dated in 1553, which mentions the pieces that Cosme I housed in this room. Objects were carried from this wardrobe to other palaces or ducal buildings, such as the Accademia Gallery itself.

Cosme I founded the Accademia Gallery with the works that had been done in honor of Saint Luke and the Holy Trinity in the Academy of Arts and Drawing. The origin of the academy is found in the guild of San Lucas, which was dedicated to the teaching of the arts (sculpture, drawing, painting ...). To this collection were added those works made by the professors themselves during the test to get a position in the institution. The reason for the creation of this collection was that these pieces were intended to serve as models for those formed there.

The value of this collection was decisive so that, in 1784, Pedro Leopoldo decided to open it to the public. Thus, it occupied the facilities of the San Mateo hospital and those of the convent of San Niccolò di Cafaggio, buildings that were located between the Via Ricasoli and the Santissima Annunziata square.

The importance of the Uffizi Gallery has always conditioned the auxiliary or secondary nature of the Accademia Gallery, since many pieces exhibited there until the beginning of the 20th century can be seen today in the first. In the Accademia Gallery finished the works that the convents kept after the suppression of religious orders by the Napoleon government in 1810, but we also found pieces that were in the hospital of Santa María Nuova and other ducal buildings.

Until 1841 the works did not have a specialized management nor were they adequately adequate in terms of conservation or exhibition. It was Antonio Ramírez de Montalvo, then president of this institution, who was in charge of adapting the pieces for better conservation and exhibition, making some restorations and ordering the collection that was distributed throughout its rooms.

The Accademia Gallery was established at its current headquarters in 1882.

Accademia Gallery Tickets - Beat The Queue

The perpetual queue of people waiting to buy a ticket to Accademia Gallery is a testimony to the structures popularity among locals and tourists. We understand that waiting in line for buying tickets to experience the phenomena that is Accademia Gallery, can put a damper on your spirits.

You can save yourself hours of standing in these endless lines by either booking a ticket in advance, or by opting for one of the options.

1. Buy Skip The Line Accademia Gallery Tickets In Advance

You can buy your Accademia Gallery online tickets, well before your trip to Florence. Once you confirm your booking with the date and time of your visit, you will receive an e-copy of your ticket which you can display at Accademia Gallery to gain priority access.

2. Go Early

Accademia Gallery opens at 8:15 AM everyday and this is when the crowd is at its least. It's not absent, since many people do get there before the gates have opened. However, you do get to enjoy the house with a comparatively lesser crowd around.

Accademia Gallery - What To Expect

Priority Entrance Tickets to the Accademia Gallery.

Located at the intersection of two ancient monasteries, the Accademia Galleria occupies the entire block between Piazza Santissima Annunziata and Via Ricasoli. Even on the slowest days, the Accademia gallery draws a massive crowd due to the famous sculpture that has taken residence here, Michelangelo's David but not to worry since your tickets allow you to bypass the long ticketing lines entirely. The gallery is known for housing Michelangelo’s greatest works along with other works from renowned artists. Explore the various zones and take in the creative artistic expression that radiates through the halls filled with arts.

Museum Halls You Shouldn't Miss:

Accademia Gallery Guided Tour With Skip The Line Tickets.

The perfect way to spend your morning in Florence! Explore the Accademia Gallery and learn about the various artworks and the artists whose works adorn the walls of the gallery. Be sure to explore all the seven zones to get the most out of your experience here. The museum also houses the stunning sculpture of ‘David’ by Michelangelo which is widely recognized as the greatest sculpture ever. A professional guide will walk alongside you offering insights about the paintings and sculptures present in the gallery.

Museum Halls:


Skip The Line Access to the Accademia Gallery with Audioguide.

Once you skip the line and gain entry, you can start exploring the colossal space and all of the art it holds. Spread out over two floors, some masterpieces are considered “must-sees”, like Michelangelo’s David. As the centerpiece of the gallery, the statue was created by Michelangelo with the goal of producing the perfect embodiment of a man. At merely 26 years of age, Michelangelo was at the time of commissioning of the statue, already one of the most famous and best-paid artists in the country. Another work by the maestro that should catch your eye is Michelangelo’s Slaves. Also known as I Prigioni, these statues are famous for being unfinished examples of Michelangelo’s work. The difficulty and skill required to carve out sculptures from marble is apparent, and they provide an excellent insight into his approach to sculpting.

Housing some of the most famous works of Renaissance artists, and several other artworks crafted by Michelangelo, the audio commentary is sure to leave you with a better understanding of the style of art that was popular in that time period. Additionally, for those who are unfamiliar with art, the audioguide provides an excellent background into the rich history and heritage of the artists and their works. Since the gallery itself isn't particularly vast, going through the entire museum shouldn’t take too long.


Skip The Line: Uffizi and Accademia Galleries with Audioguide.

Dive into the Renaissance-inspired artwork at the two best galleries in Florence. An audio guide will be providing commentary about the artwork and the galleries as you explore the venues. Immerse yourself in the arts and sculptures which are among the best in the world!

Discover the plethora of artwork on display at the incredible Accademia Gallery. Immerse yourself into the world of Michelangelo and laud his famous sculpture - David. Browse the other artwork in the gallery including the ‘I Prigioni', ‘San Matteo', ‘Palestrina Pieta’ and much more!

Explore the jewels at the Uffizi Gallery at your own pace! With numerous works from prolific painters all across the ages - including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto and many more! Be sure to check out the world-famous masterpieces of Botticelli on display, namely the ‘Primavera’ and the ‘Birth of Venus’.


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